Home Inspection & Commercial Properties

Before you make that big purchase, make sure your new home or building is inspected so you may make an intelligent buying decision. At Oye Home Inspection, Inc. in Prior Lake, Minnesota, I specialize in providing home and commercial inspection services for buyers and sellers. I will thoroughly inspect the visible areas of your purchase from top to bottom, exterior and interior, discuss my findings, and answer your questions. Then I'll create a detailed computer generated inspection report explaining issues and irritations, and how they may affect you.

Exterior, Attics & Basements

If at all possible, the roof will be walked on for a closer look at the roof covering, chimney, chimney flue, chimney flashing, plumbing vents and the attic ventilation system. Visible components in accessible attics will be evaluated including the insulation, ventilation, bath vents, plumbing vents, flashing around the chimney, and the roof support system. In the basement, the foundation and structural support system will be inspected, the water heater is operated, and a majority of the visible plumbing is viewed.

Roof - Commercial Inspection
Electrical System - Commercial Inspection

Living Areas

After the basement, the living areas of the home will be entered. A representative number of the accessible electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures will be evaluated. Plumbing fixtures are operated. Doors and windows are evaluated. Walls and ceilings are viewed for any type of abnormal cracking or water staining. Visible mold will be discussed.

Electrical & Heating & Cooling Systems

The cover of the electrical service panel will be removed to allow electrical component inspection. The heating and cooling system will be operated and evaluated. The heating system inspection includes a test for levels of carbon monoxide, with a visual inspection of the heat exchanger and any other visible components.

Detailed Reports, Maintenance Information and Long Term Consultation

Another benefit of my service is that it comes with a detailed computer generated report of visible concerns. The report will be emailed to you the same day, usually within hours, of the inspection. Along with the report, you will receive valuable maintenance information. In addition, I will provide, at no additional cost, e-mail or telephone consultations for as long as you own the property.

Contact me for detailed home inspections that you can trust.